About us

Juber Roofing

Juber Roofing is a company fully insured and certified offering roofing solutions in South Florida.  We take every estimate and work order with professionalism to ensure our customers are satisfied and can take pride of their new or repaired roof. Quality, Competitive Price and Honesty are our fundamental pillars in every project as we continue evolving and growing to become your top Roofing Company within the state of Florida. Every interaction with a customer is important, from replacing a broken tile to installing a new roof. We work hard to gain your trust and your vote of confidence means everything to us.

When a customer hires us, they are not only giving us the opportunity to fix or repair their roof- they are giving us their trust. It is our responsibility to provide the best service at a competitive price point.

Juan Berrio / Owner

Florida Weather

Florida has extreme temperatures as we face continuous exposure to Hurricanes (High-Velocity-Hurricane-Zone). In order to offer the most protection and best roofing solutions, we use Energy Efficient Roofs with maximum strength materials to sustain hurricane force winds. As the roofing industry continues to evolve, so do we, as we continuously strive to enhance our services to provide the highest quality roofing solutions in order to meet the ever-changing climate challenges. Our personnel are highly qualified with many years of experience in the industry to make your project as seamless and convenient as possible while you learn tips on how to keep your roof in optimum shape. Material acquisition is also a vital function of what we do and you can rest assured that all of our roofs will be in accordance to local and state construction codes and ordinances.  As an added value we care about aesthetics – We promise our jobs will not only improve the protection of your property, but will also enhance its overall appearance.


Protect and improve our customers’ properties through a roofing service based on quality, efficiency and punctuality.


Foment innovation, quality, and superior service in all our projects, while we offer our partners and associates an ideal place to work.

Core Values

Honesty, Quality, punctuality, and passion.